Dama Project

Occurrence and human health risk assessment of antibiotics and trace elements in Lactuca sativa amended with different organic fertilizers

Anna Margenat, Rui You, Nuria Canameras, Nuria Carazo, Sergi Díez, Josep M. Bayona, Víctor Matamoros

12 July 2020

Dama Project

Dose effect of Zn and Cu in sludge-amended soils on vegetable uptake of trace elements, antibiotics, and antibiotic resistance genes: Human health implications

Rui You, Anna Margenat, Claudia Sanz Lanzas, Núria Canameras, Núria Carazo, Laia Navarro-Martín, Víctor Matamoros, Josep M. Bayona, Sergi Díez

24 June 2020